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2024 Flower


Grace M.

I LOVE my monthly flower subscription from the Petal Patch! It is hands-down one of the best gifts my husband has ever given me ! Each month is such a special surprise, and a beautiful fragrant centerpiece for our family table! 


Kendall M.

I cannot express enough how much I enjoy having a Petal Patch subscription! It has been awesome to get flowers throughout the spring, summer, and fall to brighten up our table at home. The flowers are always stunning — anyone who visits our house is always jealous! In addition to gorgeous flowers, the owner is SO kind and generous! I love that they have a weekly kindness bouquet! 

They also did UPick which was a fun way to go to the patch and do the picking ourselves! I went with some gals and had a great time, plus came home with beautiful flowers— and got to learn about the patch! 


Melissa S.

I signed up for the Petal Patches fall subscription order this year and I could not be more impressed with the variety, quality and beauty of the flowers I received!  You can tell that they put so much care and hard work into making each bouquet perfect. And the flowers last so long! Way longer then any I have gotten from other places. I can’t wait for their spring subscriptions because I will definitely be the first on the list!   

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